Imerti Resort hôtel vous offre la possibilité de profiter de visites guidées et des excursions dans toute l’îlede Lesbos. Les circuits sont conçus et organisés par un agent de voyages expérimentés (Com Travel) et il est sûr que vous verrez l’île de Lesvos avec un autre aspect visuel!

    L’hôtel offre également la possibilité d’accompagner d’un guide expérimenté voyages organisés ou non.Excursions et visites sont pour les familles et les groupes, petits ou grands.

    Pour plus de détails contacter la réception de l’hôtel ou envoyez nous un e-mail. Notre objectif estd’organiser pour vous une excursion inoubliable, un voyage ou une visite!

    Wild West

    Un voyage très impressionnant à travers l’ouest de Lesbos avec de belles vues inoubliables, des villages traditionnels et de grands contrastes dans les paysages.
    Le premier arrêt se fera à l’un des plus riches du monastère en Grèce, le monastère Limonos, fondé par Saint Ignatius. L’église principale (les femmes ne sont pas autorisés dans) est l’un des plus beaux de la Grèce. Il ya aussi la possibilité de regarder ensemble avec le guide à icônes vieilles de plusieurs sièclesdans le musée du monastère. Il est également possible de boire une tasse de café. Après que nous allons conduire dans le village traditionnel restauré de Vatoussa, où nous ferons un arrêt pour prendre un café. Vatoussa est construite sur les vestiges du volcan et l’on sait de ses produits laitiers délicieux et c’est du vin rouge. Grâce à Antissa nous conduire plus loin, puis à travers les montagnes à l’ouest de Lesvos et nous allons visiter célèbre dans le monde la forêt pétrifiée. Dans le parc nous allons voir des arbres qui ont des millions d’années secrètes par les cendres volcaniques. Les arbres ont les couleurs les plus fantastiques! Après notre visite au parc, nous ferons une pause déjeuner à Skala Eresos, aimé pour la plage. Il est également temps de faire une belle promenade le long de la plage ou pour prendre un bain dans la mer. Nous allons prendre la nouvelle route si Agra vers le Nord, d’où nous pouvonsprofiter des belles vues de Lesvos et de la région du golf de Kalloni. Une belle journée avec beaucoup d’histoires sur l’histoire intéressante de Lesvos.

    Walking trip from Stypsi to Vafios

    The walk offers stunning view of the Bay of Kalloni , mount Olympus, coast of Turkey , Petra , Rabbit island and Molyvos .
    We start at the football field in Stypsi and climb to 500 meters to the church of the Virgin Mary. Oregano, wildflowers and volcanic rocks are on the path as we walk through the apex of the mountain. Halfway down the mountain we come to Vafios. Entering from the back we get to a small village which is famous for the traditional cuisine. We head down to one of the local tavernas named Vafeios , where you can participate in the preparation of food together with the chef . At the end you can enjoy the food prepared from your own hands .
    Every Tuesday (from September on)
    Minimum : 10pax and Maximum : 16pax


    Walk with your guide Sigrid through the beautiful scenery of the Lepetimnos mountains and learn the secrets of Greek cuisine at Taverna Vafeios.
    The villages Stipsi and Vafeios are surrounded by the impressive Lepetimnos mountains. You travel by bus to Stipsi, a typical Greek mountain village with old coffee houses and a nice village street with small shops. Here begins the walk that leads you through the small cobbled streets to the beautiful trail between Stipsi and Vafios.
    The walk from Stipsi to Vafeios (about 6 km) is after a small climb in the beginning quite easy to do. The colorful nature is stunning and you have a beautiful view on the surroundings. The tour ends with a traditional Greek lunch in taverna Vafeios. If you like you may help in the kitchen to prepare the food according to local custom! After lunch (a drink of your choice included) the bus takes you back to your accommodation.
    English and Dutch speaking guidance.
    Bring: sunblock, adequate water and a hat.
    Clothing: socks advisable (walking shoes with adequate profile).
    EVERY MONDAY (From September on)
    Kayak experience

    This is fun!!! Active and relaxing water sport day! Around 9.00 am you will be picked up and brought to the small beach of Avlaki , where your Kayak Experience will start. By kayak you are going to explore the two small islands off the coast of Petra. It is about a 20 min ride to the first island, where you’ll have about 1hour time to swim, snorkel and explore the island.
    After visiting the first small island, you’ll head towards the “Rabbit Island”, the biggest one in the area. It takes about half an hour to get there, depending on the scenic route you’ll take. One of the two beaches will be chosen to stake our spot in the sand, go swimming, snorkelling and sun-bathing. About noon you can go for a hike to the top of the island, where you’ll have lunch at the old stone house and admire the gorgeous view. Lunch is included in the price and consists of 2 sandwiches, a soft drink, water and fruit. After lunch you can try your ability in archery. Most people are doing archery for the first time , so you will have a small introduction first. After trying a few times there will be a real competition. Then you can go down to the beach where you have time enough to do some more relaxing , sunbathing, swimming and snorkelling (very nice around the rabbit island). When you feel like doing some more kayaking , a special kayak competition can be organised.
    Around 16:00 you will return to the mainland after a very nice and joyful day.
    Things to bring :
    Swimsuit and towel , water shoes , sunglasses , sunblock , hat , camera , change of dry clothes and any extra food or drink you want.
    Maximum: 12 pax
    Every Wednesday & Friday

    Turkey-one day in the orient (with Pergamon-only Asklipion)(organized by COM )

    Departure early in the morning by bus to Mytilini ,from where the boat departs from our port to turkey(-Ayvalik)The cruise is about 1 hour 20 minutes. As soon as we pass the customs in Ayvalik, we drive along the coast to Pergamon to visit the Asklipion (with an English speaking guide)After the sightseeing we are going for lunch in one of the Turkish restaurants where we have the change to taste the main food of this country. On the way back we visit a carpet-production, where we will see how they are making the carpets and which colours do they use . Back in Ayvalik you have the time to visit the shops or have a coffee. At 18:00p.m. the boat is departing back to Mytilene. Approx. at 21:30 you will be back in your hotel.

    Turkey-shopping (only till Ayvalik)(organized by COM )

    Departure early in the morning by bus to Mytilini ,from where the boat departs from our port to turkey(-Ayvalik)The cruise is about 1 hour 20 minutes. As soon as we pass the customs in Ayvalik,you are free to do what you like with your day For example you can enjoy the atmosphere of the colourful shops, have a walk through the market streets or taste the Turkish ‘cuisine’ . On Thursdays there is a bazaar , where you can do your shopping in the market street full of colours and smells from the orient.
    At 18:00p.m. the boat is departing back to Mytilene. Approx. at 21:30 you will be back in hotel.

    Traditional Villages by bus( organized by Hellenic Island Services)

    We start at 08:30 from Molyvos , drive through Petra and Anaxos and take the last guests from Skala Kalloni. We drive along the gulf of Kalloni , an enclosed ecosystem with hundreds of rare species of birds, to Agia Paraskevi . There we will visit the Museum of Industrial Olive oil production in Lesvos . We have the time for a walk in this town with the mansionsand the impressive school. We continue our trip through the large forest of pine trees and we arrive to Karini. Here we have our first stop for a coffee , in an area with lash of vegetation. We will also see the wall paintings of the local painter Theofilos. We are on the slopes of mountain Olympos and heading to the North , to the most beautiful mountain villages of the island , Agiassos. The folk arts like pottery, fretwork and weaving are still very interesting to see. We will visit the most important church of the island , the church of Virgin Mary. In Agiassos we have almost two hours , plenty of time for lunch (not included) , before we start our trip back . Arrival in accom. Approx. at 18:30.
    Every : Wednesday




    Treat yourself to a day of sun & fun and a delicious BBQ food in the magic blue sea. Admire the beautiful coastline along the north part of Lesvos, where water and sun lovers will feel right at home. Spend the day swimming , snorkeling or simply relaxing on up deck of the boat SEA BREEZE.
    The highlight of the day is a delicious BBQ lunch with mixed grill, salad, tzatziki, bread , grilled potatoes and fruits.
    Every Sunday , Monday & Wednesday
    Departures: 10.00 from Petra/10.30 from Molivos back at 16.15


    The sun is shinning and a breeze is blowing through your hair and from time to time you have a dive in the refreshing sea…..
    On our charming and comfortable boat SEA BREEZE you will experience the island in a totally different way and you will make stops in the most prettiest sea spots alongside the coast. Water fun with swimming , snorkeling or just simple sunbathing.
    Snorkel equipment is included.

    Every Tuesday & Thursday
    Departures: 10.00 from Molivos/10.30 from Petra back at 14.00

    SUNSET ROMANCE CRUISE(only for adults)

    The Sunset Romance departs from Molyvos harbor in the late afternoon for a wonderful evening cruise. Take in the spectacular sunset with a glass of cold wine by listening to romantic music! Enjoy the romance of the magic sea, the candle lights and the sunset. This is one cruise that will remain in your hearts and memories of Lesvos forever.

    1 glass of wine = free

    Every Saturday
    Departures: 18.00 from Molivos/18.30 from Petra back at 21.30


    Departure in the late afternoon – a time , when it is easy to catch a fish! After a relaxing cruise Captain Vassilis will stop the boat SEA BREEZE in the sea and you will be provided by your own Greek fishing rod. He will show and advise you how to fish and then it is up to you and your fishing luck- how many and what kind of fish you will catch !

    Every Tuesday & Thursday
    Departures: 18.00 from Molivos/18.30 from Petra back at 21.30


    Departure in the late afternoon from Molyvos for a lovely evening full of Greek moments ! Enjoy well known songs of Greece by having a glass of ouzo while cruising along the coast to Skala Sikaminia . Round up this Greek Evening with a delicious dinner in the picturesque harbor of Skala Sikaminia. Visit the famous chapel on the top of the rock . On the way back you will be delighted by the stars in combination with the Greek melodies.

    Every Wednesday
    Departures: 18.00 Petra/18.30 Molivos back at 22.15