Terms & conditions for photo contest of Birds

    The Terms & Conditions for photo contest of Birds on wetlands are the following:

    1. The photos should be high definition.

    2. The right of participation has everyone as long he/she sends the photos on time with the basic elements (full name, type of bird or birds, place – area where the photo has taken).

    3. The right of voting has everyone, even the participants. The system accepts only one vote per photo, per grader.

    4.The free acommodation is a stay in a JUNIOR SUITE for 6 days (5 nights) with breakfast or in a double room for 4 days (3 nights) with breakfast, on dates where there will be availability at the hotel and on request between the hotel and the beneficiary.

    5. The free use of car, is about a rent car 1000 cub. from Cosmos rental car office. Its use is strictly only inside Lesvos island.

    6. The prizes of the stays replace any prior reservation at the hotel, but can be an extension of the already existing reservation stay at the hotel. The prizes can be used in the year of 2017.

    7.The photographs will be sent for the competion will automatically entitle page www.imerti.gr to publish them for the needs of the contest.

    8.The winners of this competition will be notified through email and their names will be published in the social media.

    9.Imerti Resort Hotel keeps the right of changing the terms & conditions of the competion at its own discretion and without any previous informing.

    10. The applicants who will wish to participate in the competion automatically accept the terms and conditions of the competion.